The Mission of CPC’s Modern Language Department is to expand pupils’ horizons by teaching them other languages and introducing them to other cultures of the world. Through our program, pupils develop skills in listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing a second language, which will provide them with an awareness and appreciation of other cultures, cultural sensitivity and respect through engagement with those cultures; and critical thinking skills, through reflecting on the differences and similarities between the target cultures and their own.

The MFL Department firmly believes that pupils must have the opportunity to relate their language learning to the country concerned. With this in mind, exchange visits and study trips are periodically organised for all three languages at all Key stages.

Language facilities

Pupils use a range of sources including language software, websites and media facilities to support their language learning.


Members of the Modern Languages Department

Mrs M Campbell (HOD) Irish
Mrs N Magee         French /Spanish
Mr G Kelly Irish
Mrs S Mc Ginley Spanish
Mrs S Mc Collam Spanish
Mrs McQuilken French
Mr C Herron Irish
Language Teaching Assistants: Anna Brennan
  Mrs D. Goodlad
  Mrs M. McKinley


Most pupils in KS3 study two languages choosing from French, Irish or Spanish. Some students only study one foreign language in order to release additional time on their timetables for further work in Literacy and English.

MFL Extended Learning Policy

Home learning activities are designed to reinforce and extend ideas and concepts that have been taught in class. They are also designed to give students time to revise vocabulary and grammar to strengthen their understanding

In most cases homework activities will be set every lesson. Vocabulary learning will be a permanent feature of these homework tasks but other tasks will be set in addition to this. These tasks will include writing, reading, finishing off work, short multiple choice activities, past paper questions, researching, reading for pleasure using interactive websites and listening homework.


Language learning is crucial in languages and best done little and often, especially with vocabulary and grammar. We would therefore encourage parents/ carers to actively participate in their child’s learning by testing them regularly on grammar and vocabulary.


At KS4, pupils following Pathway 1 study at least one GCSE foreign language. High achieving pupils are offered the opportunity to study GCSE French after school as an additional subject.

All students studying the Linear Course follow the CEA or AQA syllabus in Languages. The Modern Language courses focus on the study of practical everyday situations, including family and friends, shopping, holidays, careers, the environment and living abroad, expertise in the following four skills are extended

  • listening
  • reading
  • speaking and
  • writing

Assessment at KS4

At present the final GCSE grade will be based on a combination of controlled assessment (oral and written) and exams.

 There are two tiers of assessment and they are divided up as follows:

Listening Test


Foundation Tier

Higher Tier

30 minutes + (5 minutes reading time)

45 minutes + (5 minutes reading time)

Reading Test


Foundation Tier

Higher Tier

35 minutes

50 minutes

Written assessment


2 Pieces of written assessment completed under controlled conditions  

Speaking assessment


Foundation Tier

Higher Tier

4 – 6 mins per test

4 – 6 mins per test


Post 16

Year 13 and Year 14 can opt to study:

AS/A Level

  • French
  • Irish
  • Spanish(next year)

The AS level course extends the skills developed during the GCSE programme. The AQA and CEA specifications are followed which prepares students to use their language with increasing confidence for practical communication at a higher level. There will be opportunities to communicate with foreign language speaking assistants.

The AQA course for French and Spanish has 2 assessed units in:

Speaking                                     Unit 1   30%
Listening, Reading and Writing Unit 2   70 %

For Irish

Speaking Unit 1 35 %
Listening, Reading and Writing Unit 2   65 %

For further information on specific courses and expert guidance, please speak to Mrs Magee and Mrs Campbell.


Extra Curricular Activities

At present educational trips are organised to France and Spain every two years to give pupils the opportunity to become immersed in the culture of the country whose language they are studying.

Click Here to see a report on the 2015 trip to Barcelona.

There are also opportunities for KS4 and KS5 students to participate in foreign exchanges with Causeway Coast and Glens' twinned town Pourrières in the south of France.

Pupils from all Key stages attend the Gaeltacht every Summer in Machaire Rabhartaigh or Bun an Inbhir to enable them to perfect their language skills and fluency.

As part of the Languages Reward System, classes participate in French/Spanish Breakfast, food tasting and cultural activities.


Mrs Campbell is pictured below with the pupils who attended Feis na nGleann 2015 and were awarded scholarships to the Gaeltacht! Not only that, but they succeeded in winning 'Corn Uí Chléireacháin' for the Irish department, meaning that we have the best secondary level Irish speakers in the area! They were commended for their confidence in spoken Irish, and the judicator commented that pupils are visibly making huge progress in Irish year after year.


Barcelona Trip 2015







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