Vision for ‘The Arts’  


The Arts Department in Cross & Passion College aims to provide every pupil with a child centred learning environment which develops their creativity and promotes individual talents and self-esteem. Through studying the Arts, we aim to prepare and enable pupils to become effective communicators for the world of work and provide an opportunity to showcase their talents.



In CPC Art & Design Department, our aims are:

  • Our exam results will continue to be outstanding.
  • A well-equipped department- with state of the art facilities, helping us to teach and pupils to achieve their personal best: helping us to train our pupils for the modern world of work.
  • The pupils will continue to be motivated and engaged in their work, thus becoming successful learners.
  • Staff would have subject specific training, thus enabling them to pass on their growing professional knowledge and skills to learners.
  • Art & Design will be taught in an exciting and engaging way that inspires students of all abilities, including visits and workshops to/from artists, designers and craftspeople.
  • Pupils and staff would continue to have very good working relationships, thus enabling all pupils to gain self-belief and confidence with their work.

Pupil of the Month

The Art pupil of the month for December 2016 is Year 13 Creative Media Production student Alisha Whitten. Well done Alisha!




  • Mrs F. Uprichard (HoD)
  • Mrs N. Kearney
  • Mrs E. Irwin
  • Mrs M. Boyd (A&D Technician)





GCSE Art & Design

Exam Board


General information about what you will study including modules or units

Pupils will study two projects over the two years.   Pupils choosing to study GCSE Art & Design will have excelled in Year 10 and selected the subject in consultation with their teacher and/or careers advisor.

Pupils will have fortnightly deadlines and continuous assessments from the beginning of Year 11. It is vitally important that all students meet these deadlines for coursework sheets as all of these will count towards the overall GCSE assessment. Students should note that they will be expected to work on chosen themes for both projects, but will have freedom to experiment and develop work within this area.   We would recommend that suitability for this course is based on the individual student’s ability to meet ALL deadlines with an overall achievement of a Level 6 or above in Year 10.

Pupils will independently research their own projects and experiment as necessary and creatively within each project.

Whilst studying Art & Design pupils have the unique opportunity to develop their own ideas into final pieces. There are many disciplines to choose from eg. Clay work, sculpture, painting printing, fashion design, furniture design, illustration, graphics and many more.

Unit 1: The Core Portfolio = 60% total marks

Unit 2: Externally Set Assignment = 40% total marks

As part of their final assessment, pupils will put up an exhibition of all coursework in May of Year 12.

* There is currently NO written exam at the end of Year 12, as GCSE Art & Design is 100% coursework.


(including examinations and coursework)

All preparation sheets and final outcomes for three projects (fortnightly deadlines from beginning of Year 11).

Project 1 will require 16xA2 size preparation/drawing sheets and a final piece of the pupils own choice.

In January of Year 12 the pupils receive their exam paper & theme from the CCEA exam board. The pupils will then have 9xA2 size pages and a 10 hour exam in which they are to create a final outcome for project 2 (theme decided by CCEA).   This is the Controlled Assessment part of our subject.

All work will be internally assessed (by teacher) and externally assessed by a visiting moderator. GCSE grades will be awarded in relation to the quality of the preparation sheets and final pieces for each project. All marks will be accumulated and an overall

grade will be issued by CCEA in August of Year 12.

When will this happen?

  • Coursework submission date: End of April (Internally assessed, externally moderated)
  • Externally set Exam project issued January of Year 12.         This requires 9xA2 size preparation sheets and a final piece in relation to a theme set by CCEA. (40% of total marks)
  • Final exhibition of two year’s work which will be internally and externally assessed. (Visiting examiner): May of Year 12.


Career Opportunities

AS Level and A2 Level Art & Design.

Many other related Design courses.

Advertising, architecture, artist, film & video, fine crafts, illustration, landscape architecture, make up design, product design, restoration, teaching, theatre design, television/media, textile design, window display, archaeology, community artist, fashion design, teaching, fine art, gallery work, graphic design, photography, interior design, visual communication, lighting, marketing, museum conservation, printing, pottery, research, web design, etc!

It is to be noted that all employers desire creative people and that Art & Design is a valuable outlet for this!

Teacher(s) to contact for further info:

Mrs F. Uprichard.

Post 16

KS5 Art & Design Courses:

  • EDEXCEL BTEC Level 3  Creative Media Production
  • CCEA A Level Art & Design



Art  &  Design

Exam Board




Modules at AS Level

(Year 13)

(including brief description)




  • Unit 1 – AS – Art & Design Coursework Portfolio.

Pupils will select personal theme, complete independent research/take photographs/collect objects & artefacts to use as inspiration for 14 x A2 pages and/or the equivalent in 3D (prototypes etc).  The Assessment Objectives will be fully addressed across this project, as well as the completion of a final outcome in Dec. 2015-Jan. 2016.

  • Unit 2 – AS Art & Design Externally Set Assignment

 (Theme set by CCEA--- Controlled Assessment).

Pupils will respond to a set theme from examination board (CCEA) by completing independent research/taking photographs/collecting objects & artefacts to use as inspiration for 8 x A2 pages and/or the equivalent in 3D (prototypes etc.).  The Assessment Objectives will be fully addressed across this project in approx. 8 weeks for preparatory work, and the students will complete a final outcome within a set period of 8 hours (Controlled Assessment).

 **Pupils will have weekly deadlines for all coursework tasks/sheets throughout the year.**

All work will be internally assessed (by teacher) and externally assessed by visiting moderator.  AS grades will be awarded in relation to the quality of the preparation sheets and final pieces for each project.  All marks will be accumulated and an overall grade will be issued.

  • We are currently a 100% Coursework subject.
  • All pupils will exhibit their coursework in an exhibition as part of their final assessment at end of A/S & A/2 year.  All work is internally assessed & externally moderated to determine the end of year grades.


Modules at A2 Level (Year 14)

(including brief description)


  • Unit 3 – A2 – Personal Investigation.

This unit requires a minimum of 8 x A2 sheets and a maximum of 12 x A2 sheets or the equivalent in 3D.  This is due to this unit including an extended essay – minimum of 1000 words and a maximum of 2000 words.

The work you choose to present in an area of art, craft and design should stem from your strengths and personal interests in this subject.

  • Unit 4 – A2 – Art and Design - Externally Set Assignment.

Theme/starting point is set by CCEA.  Paper released in February.

You produce preparatory work; and a final response which is completed within a 12-hour supervised examination period.



Coursework %

(include brief description)

  • Unit 1 – Coursework Portfolio – (30% total A/S Level).
  • Unit 3 – A2 Personal Investigation (30% of total A/2 Level)


* See description in above rows.




Externally Set Assignment(s)

  • Unit 2 – Externally Set Assignment – (20% total A/S Level).
  • Unit 4 – Externally Set Assignment – (20% total A/2 Level).

* See description in above rows.

Career Opportunities





Advertising, Architecture, Artist, Film/Video/Moving Image Arts,  Fine-Crafts, Illustration, Landscape Architecture, Make up Design, Product Design, Restoration, Teaching, Theatre Design,   Research, Television/Media, Textile Design, Window-display work, Archaeology, Community Artist, Fashion Design, Art Critic/Appreciation, Fine Art, Gallery Work, Graphic Design, Photography, Interior Design, Visual Communication, Lighting Design, Marketing, Museum- Conservation, Printing, Stage/Set Painting & Design, Ceramics, Web Design, Sculpture, Arts Council / Museum work, Art Therapist etc!

Teacher(s) to contact for further information



Mrs Fiona Uprichard.

To view the full specification and the full range of support material available for

GCE Art and Design, please visit the Art & Design microsite:


Art & Design Coursework Clinic

Animation Club


GCSE Art Exhibition 2015

Art1 504

Art7 504

Art12 504

BTEC Art Exhibition 2015







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